Solar Hybrid Solutions

At 1Energy hybrid solutions are our speciality. We combine our own experience, software design tools and live data from many installed sites to perfect our designs.

Many remote sites, such as game lodges, island lodges, mines and farms have no access to grid-supply electricity. The usual source of electricity in these situations is diesel generators.

An investment in solar power pays for itself quickly, and a correctly-designed solar solution from 1Energy will substantially reduce your operating costs.

Running diesel generators around the clock to provide electricity is expensive, and often complicated by the logistics of bringing diesel to site. Fuel is often the biggest single operating cost for sites where there is no access to grid power.

Solar power provides a very strong return on investment, dramatically reducing diesel consumption and overall operating costs. We engineer our solar “hybrid” solutions to combine solar power and battery storage, working with a generator to provide constant power.

In many sites, the generator is required for only a few hours a day, also helping to improve the environmental noise factor. Our systems ensure that the generator always operates in the most fuel-efficient power range.

No two hybrid solutions are alike, and there are many ways to get them wrong. There is a fine balance to be drawn between the relative sizing of the component parts, the configuration of the system behaviour, and the trade-off between capital cost and operating expenses.