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Project Details: 140kWp solar PV/diesel hybrid power system / Energy efficiency consulting / Renewable energy water heating / Electrical reticulation and distribution remediation

As part of our broad engagement with Sanctuary Retreats Botswana, 1Energy provided comprehensive energy-related turnkey solutions and wide-ranging energy consultation for this flagship Okavango Delta luxury safari lodge, during the comprehensive camp rebuild over the first half of 2016.

The power system comprises 140kWp of PV power in 12 solar arrays, SMA’s 25kW Tripower solar inverter and a 4-cluster Sunny Island 3-phase power system, supported by 8 banks of 2285Ah OPzS flooded lead-acid battery banks. Backup power is provided by a 140kVA diesel generator.

Water heating is provided by heat pumps, and a centralised hybrid solar/heat pump system for staff accommodation.

1Energy assisted Sanctuary in detail with the selection of energy-efficient electrical equipment covering guest rooms, kitchen and refrigeration, laundry, water pumping and treatment and lighting.  We also assisted the client in the development of operational procedures aimed at reducing energy consumption.


Project Details:  1Energy provided a 75kWp solar hybrid power system at Chitabe Camp in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.  The project also included installation of efficient water heating solutions (heat pump and solar collectors), and a close engagement with the Camp on various interventions to increase energy efficiency and reduce power consumption, and to improve the Camps electrical and water distribution infrastructure.

Our solar power system included a custom high-level solar array, providing shaded storage and parking.  The solar power system was up and running within 10 days of commencement on site, thanks to our comprehensive in-factory assembling and testing approach, which minimises disruptions on site and allows normal operations to continue during the installation.


Project Details: 42kWp solar PV/diesel hybrid power system.

1Energy designed, supplied and installed a hybrid solar power system for Twin City’s newly built camp in Sungulo Lodge, Gaza, Mozambique. Sungulo Lodge is situated within the Transfrontier Park, and is the first camp to be built within this park on the Mozambican side. The system was installed and commissioned in May 2015.

The power system consists of a 42kWp (kilowatt peak) solar array, which is controlled by a set of SMA inverters.  With sufficient battery storage to cover nearly two nights’ consumption, the overall system will produce over 80% of the Lodge’s power in a average year.  The balance of the power will be provided by a 60kVA diesel generator.


Project Details: Hybrid solar/hear pump water heating solution to replace steam.

1Energy designed, supplied and installed a hybrid system to heat process water at GlaxoSmithKline‘s Epping, Cape Town, facility. As a direct result of this intervention the plant won GSK’s EHS Sustainability Award for 2012.

Our evacuated-tube solar collectors efficiently gather solar thermal energy, evn in the colder winter months. The peak heating capacity of 80kW at GSK saves 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Bulk thermal stores feature composite construction and minimal standing losses, providing a reservoir of efficiently-heated water. Two 37kW high-efficiency heat pumps provide supplementary heating, ensuring that the process water is always maintained at the minimum required temperature regardless of time of day or weather conditions.

Combining solar and heat pump water technologies dramatically reduces electricity and furnace consumption.

Our installed hybrid solutions typically reduce water heating energy costs by up to 80%

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Project Details: 45kWp solar PV/diesel hybrid power system / solar / heat pump hot water with ring main circulation / site reticulation

1Energy designed, supplied and installed the electrical power and water heating systems for Kuria Hills, a new, luxury tented camp in the Northern Serengeti.

The system was installed in November 2012, with additional capacity added in June 2014 to accommodate further guest capacity.

Self-contained, factory assembled power units housing batteries, inverters and system controls. The solar PV array of 45kWp supplies 70% of the camp’s annual power requirements. The solar array is constructed as a carport for game viewing vehicles, and provides shading for power and storage containers.

Back and front of house areas are supplied with hot water from a hybrid solar/ heat pump solution, bulk hot water and centralised ringmain hot water supply.

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