Grid-Tied Solar

Increasing electricity costs combined with the reducing costs of solar power provide a strong case for adding solar power. By using solar power to offset your electricity consumption during the day, significant savings can be achieved.

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High quality solar panels

Best of breed

Solar PV panels & solar inverters.

Our grid-tied solar installations provide reliable, automatically-synchronised electrical power, using high quality solar PV panels and best-of-breed solar inverters.

Rooftop PV provided

We have provided rooftop solar electricity solutions to a wide range of satisfied clients.

Rooftop Installations


Off Grid Solar

At 1Energy, Off Grid solar is our speciality. Many remote sites, such as game lodges, island lodges, mines and farms have no access to grid-supply electricity. It is these remote locations that 1Energy’s experience and expertise are unrivalled.

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Remote Solar

Water Heating

Heating water is energy-intensive, and a major consumer of power in the hospitality and other industries which use substantial amounts of hot water.

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