Professional Energy Audit

Energy and electricity costs have grown in recent years to become a major operating expense.  Organisations and households are increasingly taking steps to reduce their energy consumption and costs, and their “carbon footprint”.

Energy initiatives should start by gaining a full understanding of your present energy consumption and requirements.  A professional energy audit lays the foundation for your energy strategy, including energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

The scope of our comprehensive energy studies include:

  • Detailed electricity measurement over a period of between a few days or weeks, to establish your daily consumption patterns
  • Evaluating your energy consumption records, usually covering a year of electricity and fuel bills
  • Building an inventory of your main energy consumers, their power ratings, technology, age and condition
  • Understanding your operating requirements and procedures as they affect energy consumption
  • Identifying any problems with your electricity supply, reticulation and distribution, and any issues with the quality of your electrical power.

We provide a detailed energy report, giving our findings, identifying opportunities for reducing your energy expenses, backed by financial and payback projections to help you prioritise your next steps.

We also offer a clawback on our consulting fees if you subsequently appoint us to implement energy technologies for you.