Hotel Verde Zanzibar – Azam Luxury Resort & Spa

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In a world facing climate change and other environmental challenges as a result of human action, it is important for luxury hotels to initiate and implement a vision that ensures the provision of top-class accommodation and service while also minimising the impact the construction and operation have on the environment. Welcome to the greenest hotel in Zanzibar – Hotel Verde Zanzibar.

Hotel Verde Zanzibar’s achievements in terms of sustainability are the result of a holistic design process with sustainability at its core. Not only is the 106-room hotel sustainable, but green principles, processes and measures ensure all operations are eco-friendly and continually assessed for improvement.

1Energy designed and installed the grid-tied solar system in late 2017. The 200kWp system is split between four areas on the site, the two 40m carports and walkway being the most notable due to their unique, customized design. A total of 5 of SMA‘s brand-new Core1 50kW inverters were used, the first in Africa.


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